A dream terrine

Thanks to Geelong and Surf Coast Living Magazine for sharing 360Q proprietor Barry Iddles’ retro recipe for boysenberry, pecan and marzipan ice cream terrine dessert in the gorgeous summer edition. Pick up a copy at our restaurant and selected outlets.

The sun has returned after a long winter hiatus – but it’s not the only thing making a comeback.

This boysenberry, pecan and marzipan ice cream terrine dessert from Barry Iddles at Queenscliff waterfront restaurant 360Q is literally the stuff of dreams for those of us who are fans of big hairdos, ET and all things Wham!.

“It’s a recipe I created in the mid-1980s and it has been sitting in my cookbook since then,” Barry says.

“For our new summer menu I was looking at presenting dishes that were a bit different – I wanted something that was fresh but also familiar. This dessert is absolutely beautiful and has been a huge hit with customers since we introduced it at the start of November. We sold 30 serves just on its opening weekend – amazing.

“It’s a very simple recipe but you do have to make and freeze each component which is why, in a busy kitchen like ours, it needs to be prepared well in advance.”

Summer traditionally draws a bigger crowd to 360Q who want to enjoy lunch by the waterfront at Queenscliff harbour, and Barry says this is one ice-cream treat that stands a little above the classic cone.

“It’s quite a retro flavour but it looks so beautiful on the plate. I’m predicting we’ll get plenty of customers over summer just hopping in for a cheeky cool treat like our terrine.”

Boysenberry, pecan and marzipan ice cream terrine

This recipe must be completed in stages – make the pecan praline first and then layer with other ingredients.

Pecan praline ice cream

250ml cold water
750g caster sugar
750g pecan
16 egg yolks
1 ⅓ cups sugar
1800ml cream
4tsp vanilla

Boysenberry mix

500g frozen boysenberries
2tbs Cointreau
4tsp pure icing sugar
1kg Marzipan
2tbs pure icing sugar

Heat the caster sugar and water in a saucepan over a medium heat without stirring until the sugar dissolves and liquid turns a deep brown caramel colour. Place pistachios on a flat tray lined with baking paper. Pour toffee over the pecans, allow to cool and set hard. Toffee is incredibly hot so do not have the tray on a laminated bench. Process in food processor to rough crumbs and store in freezer until ready to use.

Whip egg yolks and sugar for 10 minutes on high speed until thick and pale. Bring to boil cream and vanilla and pour into egg mixture and mix. Place in stainless steel bowl and whisk for about five minutes over boiling water until it coats the back of a wooden spoon. Add 1.5 cups of blitzed pecan praline to the custard mix.
Blitz or puree 500g boysenberries with Cointreau and icing sugar.

Divide mixture into ⅓ for boysenberry and ⅔ for praline ice cream. Line orange cake tins with glad wrap. Pour ⅓ with pecan praline into tin and freeze. Roll a thin sheet of marzipan (on the icing sugar so it does not stick to the bench or rolling pin) to fit the tin. Pour boysenberry onto marzipan and freeze. Roll a thin sheet of marzipan to fit the tin. Pour final pecan praline and freeze. To serve, unmould onto chopping board, slice and serve on cold plates with poached berries.

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