A Taste of Italy – Barry’s mushroom gnocchi recipe

360Q business owner Barry Iddles has the perfect antidote to chilly winter evenings: the delectable mushroom and ricotta gnocchi! Our chief Barry Iddles shared one of the signature dishes from our new winter menu with the talented team from Geelong and Surf Coast Living Bliss magazine!

There’s nothing like the change of seasons to inspire change and innovation, and the chefs at 360Q have launched a brand new menu just in time for the cooler months.

One of the flagship new dishes is the mushroom and ricotta gnocchi, one that encapsulates that perfect winter flavour, according to 360Q business owner and chef Barry Iddles.

“We just love the flavour of braised and roasted mushrooms,” he said.

“This is a recipe I picked up in Italy when visiting a friend in Lombardy. Malfatti is a style of gnocchi, and originally the filling for ravioli was made with spinach. We have twisted it and use roasted field mushrooms instead.”

Barry says you can use a selection of mushroom varieties, including pine, enoki, king brown, oyster, shitaki, yellow, white fungus and dried mushrooms for the sauce.

“If you’re using dried mushrooms, boil them up in dry sherry first to enhance their flavour and perhaps add a hint of tarragon – I always keep in a jar in the fridge.”

360Q has extended its opening hours through winter, and is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, for a la carte dinner Thursday to Saturday and also offers a three-course traditional roast dinner with a menu of soup, roast and dessert that changes each week for just $35pp.


Mushroom and ricotta gnocchi

1 egg
750g ricotta
300g roasted field mushrooms
200g flour
Salt and pepper

Sauce ingredients
200g forest or mixed mushrooms
200ml cream
Salt and pepper
30g parmesan cheese

Mix all gnocchi ingredients together and place in a piping bag. Squeeze out individual gnocchi pieces and drop into a pot of boiling, salted water. When the gnocchi floats, lift it out, drain well and saute in a hot pan to lightly colour. Add 200g of assorted wild or interesting mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and pour 200ml of cream over the mushrooms. Reduce and then top with parmesan and serve. This recipe serves 4.

Want to check out our brand new winter menu? Download it here!

360Q is located at 2 Wharf St, Queenscliff. To book a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, call 5257 4200 or email enquiries@360q.com.au.

This article originally appeared in the winter issue of Geelong Surf Coast Living magazine