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Meet The Singing Plumber!

We call him The Singing Plumber of Queenscliff, and he’s back to rock 360Q this weekend. But who is the man behind those incredible set of pipes? Read our Q&A with David Golightly below!


How and when did you start singing?

“In 1999 in my overalls I walked into a music shop in Geelong and I said to the guy ‘can I do some singing lessons?’ He looked me up and down from the toes to the head and said: ‘Yeah, OK mate.’ And I walked out two years later.


Did you think about singing when you were younger?

“When I was 12 in secondary school I used to play trumpet in  a brass band for four years. Ten years after I left school I met my old band master and he asked if I wanted to join a band in Geeling, so I did. My family is related to Jimmy Hocking who is an old blues player and how was the ABC band master. That’s how I got going. I just thought I’d have a go at singing.”


Did you sing in the shower or parties?

“I just decided to do it. I ever used to sing at parties or anything. I always liked the cabaret side of things and up until about four or five years ago I sang with a cabaret group for 10 years in Geelong. There were about six of us and we were called The Melodares. We used to do a lot of Frank and Elvis.”


You sing Frank, Neil and Elvis, is that the kind of music you like and artists you admire?

“Oh yeah. They are class acts. I’m not knocking new music but when you are doing gigs, and I do covers from them, people know them. You have to do songs that people know. The most popular song I sing and everybody sings it is Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, and everybody knows it. And it’s an old song. People put their arms in the air and they go backwards and forward to the beat of the song. It’s a genre I like.”


Which of the three artists would you like to have for dinner?

“It would be tough. But probably Elvis. He was a shit of a bloke, but put him on stage with a microphone and he just had so much class, charisma and confidence. His timing was impeccable, he was really something else.”


Got any Rat Pack trivia?

“Frank was amazing but when Elvis came along he wasn’t selling any records and there was the Rolling Stones as well and Elvis, so he went to Paul Anka and asked him to write him a song. So Paul rewrote the words to My Way, which is actually a French song. And then bang, Frank was selling records again.”


What are the crowd-pleaser songs that always get people up and dancing?

“People realy love early Elvis, like Blue Suede Shoes. I finish with My Way, that’s my last number. In an Elvis gig I play That’s Alright Mama which was Elvis’s first recording he ever did for  his mother in 1956. That’s got a really good intro. When you organise a program you do it in light and shade so I do a fast song, and then a slow song. You can’t have it all the same tempo. People always ask me what my favourite song is, and my favourite is Bridge Over Troubled water which is a Simon & Garfunkel song.”


What is it about singing and performing that you love?

“For me, being a plumber it’s quite nice to get a bit dressed up, to smell a bit different and be appreciated. I’m not blowing my bag but I had a bloke come up to me after a gig in Geelong and say ‘You can sing!’ You never get that from plumbing. No one ever says, ‘Beautiful spouting you’ve put up David!’ The trouble with the plumber is that 90 percent of our stuff is in the ground or behind a wall. No one ever sees our work, so it’s a whole different thinking pattern. I’m on stage the whole time and it’s all acting too. I have started a theatre group down here with friends 15 years ago.”


You’ve got a fantastic gold jacket – tell us the story about where it came from.

“It’s my wife’s aunty – Aunty Maureen. She used to do a bit of seamstress work and I have had that jacket for 14 years. I think I asked her to make me a gold jacket for a gig and she did. I have worn it a lot and looked after it.”


What do you like about singing at 360Q?

“Barry is a character. I like Barry. What happened was, when Barry too it over he asked around for someone to do the gasfitting and my cousin at the BIG4 caravan park recommended me. I decided to be cheeky and I put my entertainment card in my top pocket. I went around and went upstairs and asked him how many people could fit in the function space. And he asked me why I wanted to know, so I gave him my card. He looked at it, then looked at my card and said ‘Elvis? But…’ and I said ‘Yes I know, I am in my overalls, I can take them off.’ And we have done four shows there now so I appreciate it. I love it there. The last gig was a cracker – it was sold out!”


David Golightly pays tribute to Three Kings “Elvis, Neil & Frank” at 360Q on Saturday February 3.

Three-course dinner and show only $65pp with drinks at bar prices

Doors open @ 7pm

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