Mat Hallam

Meet 360Q’s head chef Mathew Hallam

Thanks to the team at the Queenscliffe Herald, one of Queenscliff’s longest-running local newspapers for publishing this great chat with Mathew Hallam, head chef at 360Q, the newly-reopened restaurant venue at Queenscliff Harbour operated by chef and caterer to the stars, Barry Iddles. 

A plate full of garlic snails was all it took to inspire Mathew Hallam, head chef at the newly reopened 360Q restaurant venue at Queenscliff Harbour, to pursue a career in the kitchen.

“I went to a restaurant up in Brisbane called Lucky’s and I tried garlic snails for the first time,” he said. “I was very impressed with it and it went from there. I became a chef because I love cooking, I love food. It’s probably also my love of eating when I was much younger!”

Mathew worked with 360Q proprietor and chef Barry Iddles at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, Tarnuk Room at Australian Gardens in Cranbourne and most recently at Elk Restaurant in Falls Creek Alpine Village, but he’s loving the sea change.

“We were number one on the mountain which is a great success for us,” he said. “It’s so beautiful down here. The restaurant overlooks the ocean so we have beautiful views and there are beautiful people down here – everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”

He’s also well equipped to manage both the downstairs restaurant and the 140-seat function space upstairs. Bookings are booming as word spreads about 360Q but Hallam has it under control.

“It’s very, very busy,” he said. “Luckily I have experience in managing and organising large functions plus a la carte. I come from a restaurant and hotel background and I try to keep my experience very varied with what I’ve needed to learn to become a really good chef.”

Mathew said he and Barry designed the menu to include fresh local seafood and produce and give customers a variety to choose from.

“I love Vietnamese cooking and of course the Bahn Xeo Vietnamese rice pancake are a best seller – everybody loves them, I love them. We also do a pork bahn mi which is very tasty.

“But we try to keep the menu a little bit international and a little bit modern to please everyone.”

360Q is open for breakfast and lunch seven days and dinner most nights through December and January. There are free weekly live bands each Sunday too – visit the What’s On section at for the most up to date details.