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June and July: Global dining specials

No international holidays planned but feel like exploring the cuisines of the world? The 360Q chefs have you covered with the return of our weekly destination specials from Monday to Friday throughout June and July! Book a table today.


June 6: Greek by Chef Dimos  

Entrée: xtapodi / Octopus marinated in olive oil and vinegar served with yellow split peas purée

Main: Soutzoukakia/ Greek style beef meatballs served with rice, tomato sauce and a touch of paprika and cumin infused yoghurt

Desert: Galaktompoureko/ semolina custard baked in filo pastry


13 June: India/Pakistan by Chef Surab, our amazing Nepalese chef 

Entree: Papri chat, fried wafers (the chapri) topped with chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt and tamarind chutney. 

Main: Punjabi mutton curry served with basmati rice and crispy papadums 

Dessert: Gulab Juman, delicious doughnuts soak in orange syrup with crushed pistachios 


20 June: Italian by Chef Daniel

Entree: Ribollita, Italian white bean soup

Main: Potato gnocchi, shaved parmesan & puttanesca sauce

Dessert: Torta caprese, chocolate and almond cake


27 June: Mexican by Chef Melvin 

Entree: Prawn tacos, pickled red cabbage & salsa roja 

Main: Chicken mole with spiced mexican rice & guasacaca

Dessert: Smokey caramel flan


4 July: American by Chef Dayle

Entree: Gumbo

Main: BBQ Pork spare ribs

Dessert: Pecan pie 


11 July: French for Bastille Week by the whole kitchen team

Entree: Bouillabaisse, traditional fish stew

Main: Lamb shank navarin, classic french ragu 

Dessert: Hazelnut dacquoise, meringue, praline and chocolate ganache


18 July: Danish Christmas Chef Daniel

Entree: Frikadeller, danish meatballs served with rich creamy sauce 

Main: Juleand Christmas roast duck leg braised with apples & prunes served with rodkal 

Dessert: Risalamande, danish almond rice pudding 


25 July: Korean by Chef lori

Entree: Kimchi pancakes, 

Main: Galbijjim, braised beef short ribs

Dessert: Yakwa, korean honey pastry



We have a huge array of other events and menu specials lined up too. Check them out on our What’s On page.

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