strawberry daiquiri

Dave’s drink of the month: Strawberry daiquiri

And here’s another fabulous summer cocktail recipe from our awesome front of house manager, David Mash!

This month we have a summer fave, the strawberry daiquiri!

The origins of the daiquiri are a little hazy, but most say it was devised by an American mining engineer, named Jennings Cox, who was in Cuba at the time of the Spanish–American War and named the drink after iron ore mines near Santiago de Cuba.

It seems that US Congressman William A. Chandler, who purchased the mines in 1902, may have then introduced the daiquiri to clubs in New York in that year.

And we wholeheartedly thank him for it as this drink is a winner!

With an abundance of fresh, delicious fruit available on the Bellarine this time of year, this cocktail makes for a delicious, seasonal treat, and no one makes them better than Dave!

Each month he’ll share his favourite drink as a hot tip for the next time you visit us. Never fear if fruity cocktails aren’t your thing – feel free to ask Dave to whip up something special for you on your next trip to 360Q – he really is the cocktail master!

Strawberry daiquiri

4-5 strawberries
4 lime wedges
60ml Bacardi rum
30ml sugar syrup
Sprig of mint

Squeeze lime into blender and then add the other ingredients.
Add some ice cubes and blend until the fruit is crushed.
Garnish with a strawberry, sprig of mint and a slice of lime and serve.


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