360Q introduces 14-day isolation dinners for $220 with free delivery

360Q owner Barry Iddles has acted quickly to help keep the restaurant afloat and staff employed by offering 14-day isolation packs of evening meals, as well as heat-and-eat single serves that can be collected from the Queenscliff Harbour restaurant.

Iddles says this change in the restaurant’s offerings is in response to the drop in bookings and cancellations of event functions as a result of the coronavirus scare.

“We are trying to be quite smart and innovative — the restaurant is still open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we have instigated strict hygiene protocols, but we also needed to offer our customers other options,” he says.

“We want our guests to be able to dine every day a different way, so from this week we are offering 14-day isolation evening meal kits with deliveries twice a week so the meals are fresh, not frozen. We have our own refrigerated van so we can deliver to Bellarine residents as well as to the Mornington Peninsula by putting the truck on the Searoad ferry.”

The 14-day packs are $220 inclusive of GST and delivery is free for residents in Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Portarlington and Ocean Grove. Deliveries will be each Monday and Friday. Order by Sunday for Monday delivery. Guests who live on the Sorrento side of The Rip can order the packs as well — deliveries on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Call 5257 4200 to order.

“For an additional cost we can also deliver milk, eggs, bread, cereals, fresh fruit and veg with these meals,” he says.

360Q is also offering single serves of the meals for $15 plus GST which diners can collect directly from the restaurant.

Iddles says the meals will be in line with the restaurant’s a la carte flair so customers will still enjoy the high quality they are used to from the restaurant’s globally-trained chefs. The menu will start from Monday March 23 is as follows:

Week 1:
Delivery 1
Monday:- Sriracha salmon w bok choy & rice
Tuesday:- A mild curry of beef cheek w rice
Wednesday:- Zucchini spaghetti bolognaise w parmesan
Thursday:- Pumpkin gnocchi w/ creamy sauce & parmesan

Delivery 2
Friday:- Snapper fillet w/ braised capsicum, oyster mushroom & rice
Saturday:- Duck risotto w/ spinach & Grana Padano
Sunday:- Pork belly w/ rice & bok choy

Week 2: 
Delivery 3
Monday:- Roast beef w/ vegetables & jus
Tuesday:-Penang chicken curry w rice
Wednesday:- Barramundi w/ fresh vegetables
Thursday:- Pumpkin masala w/ chickpeas

Delivery 4
Friday:- Roast chicken w roast vegetables
Saturday:- Gnocchi w bolognaise sauce & parmesan
Sunday:- Hungarian goulash w mash potato & greens

Iddles says there are plenty of customers who are continuing to support the restaurant by dining on the premises, which is helping to keep staff busy. But he understands these are extraordinary times.

“Everyone is absolutely trepidatious, and it is unchartered waters,” he says. “But just yesterday we had 66 people come for lunch and not one of them was concerned. We have social distancing in the restaurant — the tables are 1m apart and we set the tables as guests arrive.

“I chatted to every customer who came in and thanked them for coming in and supporting us. We hope our loyal customers will still continue to support us even if they don’t feel confident enough to leave their homes, and take us up on our 14-day isolation packs or take-home meals. It’s about being positive and proactive and doing something positive for your team.”

To order your 14-day isolation pack or arrange for single serve heat-and-eat meals to collect from 360Q, please phone our friendly staff on (03) 5257 4200. Please have your address and credit card details handy.

Guests who live on the Sorrento side of The Rip can order the packs as well — deliveries on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Call 5257 4200 to order.

360Q is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner until after the Easter weekend.

Our Easter hours are as follows. Good Friday: Open from 11.30am for lunch and dinner. Easter Saturday and Sunday: Open from 8am for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Easter Monday: Open from 8am for breakfast and lunch.

To book a table at 360Q, use our online reservation system.