Bayside beauty comes full circle

Sorrento Catering owner and 360Q proprietor Barry Iddles is in the news again. Read this awesome article by Stephanie Azzopardi published in the Geelong Advertiser’s GT Magazine on October 22.


Popular chef takes over tower complex 360Q

Word got out pretty fast about Sorrento Catering owner Barry Iddles taking over the iconic 360Q restaurant venue at Queenscliff Harbour. Here’s the first article in a series of many about the reopening. It’s a piece by Shane Fowles published in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper, August 17.

A SHOWPIECE complex at Queenscliff Harbour will soon re-open, after lying idle for more than three years. Restaurant 360Q’s first floor will be transformed into a premier 140-seat events venue, while the downstairs area will become a daily cafe, bar and restaurant.