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A huge thank you from our customers

We have the pleasure of receiving some amazing compliments from our customers for regular dining and events, so we thought we would share. Click the pic to read some of our customers’ testimonials.


Dave’s drink of the month: Pina Colada

Why yes, 360Q’s front of house manager David Mash does like getting caught in the rain… And creating Pina Colada cocktails! Click through for the recipe this classic yet oh-so-fabulous drink of the month. Delicious.

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Meet the 360Q crew: Ellie Westmoreland

Since opening 360Q we’ve met so many wonderful people from all across the Bellarine and beyond. But our customers don’t always get to chat with all our staff, so we thought we’d make it easy and introduce them to you instead! Here, it’s our pleasure to introduce Ellie Westmoreland, one of friendly and very talented front of house staff members. Click here to read her Q&A!


Breakfast recipe: Savoury French Toast

360Q owner and chef extraordinaire Barry Iddles has a new twist on a sweet breakfast classic (and it has so much bacon!). Read the recipe published in Geelong and Surf Coast Living Magazine’s fabulous autumn issue.

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Dave’s drink of the month: Classic Frozen Margarita

Long live summer! Our awesome front of house manager David Mash has whipped up a cocktail so you can continue to revel in the warmer weather – a classic frozen margarita! Click through for the recipe his favourite drink of the month. Delicious.


Meet the 360Q crew: ‘Couplamums’ Part 2!

It seems nothing is off limits in the kitchen banter of our sweet treat queens Brooke Glover and Kylie Iddles aka ‘couplamums’. As part of our ‘meet the 360Q crew’ series, read part two of their hilarious Q&A!


Meet The Singing Plumber!

We call him The Singing Plumber of Queenscliff, and he’s back to rock 360Q this weekend. But who is the man behind those incredible set of pipes? Read our Q&A with David Golightly here!

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strawberry daiquiri

Dave’s drink of the month: Strawberry daiquiri

Feeling fruity? We have just the cocktail for you! Don’t miss our awesome front of house manager David Mash’s recipe for his favourite drink recipe of the month – a strawberry daiquiri! Click through for his recipe.


Meet the 360Q crew: Kylie and Brooke aka ‘couplamums’

In the second of our profiles of the staff who make 360Q an amazing place to dine, we are thrilled to introduce Brooke and Kylie, our resident hardworking couplamums who love cooking, creating signature cookies and rather naughty kitchen banter. Click here to read part one of their hilarious Q&A!

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