Breakfast du jour

Thanks to Geelong and Surf Coast Living Magazine for sharing 360Q proprietor Barry Iddles’ breakfast recipe with a twist, his savoury French toast in the gorgeous autumn edition. Pick up a copy at our restaurant and selected outlets.

This autumn, tell sugar to take a break with this delicious savoury recipe from Barry Iddles, chef and owner of Queenscliff waterfront restaurant 360Q.

“I created the batter originally for a veal dish and had some mix left over, so I whipped up some savoury French toast with it,” he says. “I sometimes do double baked spinach souffles and parmesan crumbed eggs with it – divine!”

Barry says the flavour of the French toast completes the dish, as does his homemade chutney.

“Growing up on the farm with my pet calfs Dixie, Stubby and Bridget, Spot the dog and Bubba Turk – a turkey I hatched under a 25W globe – mother would be always making chutney, tomato sauce, relish and pickles,” he says. “I just loved the chutney and would eat it on nearly everything. When we created our huge catering company we had a lady called Bev Jones who we called Nana Bev. She started whipping up our chutney which we now sell, but our label’s acronym NBKA is better known in the kitchen as Nana Bev’s Kick Arse Chutney.”

Barry’s preferred autumn flavour-foods are parmesan, basil, chives, ripe tomatoes and istra bacon.

“I have been called a bacon-aholic!” he says. “I made caramelised bacon ice cream last autumn.”

Savoury French Toast

300ml cream
6 eggs beaten
1/2 cup finely grated parmesan
1/2 bunch finely sliced chives
8 slices sourdough bread (or use gluten-free bread)
8 rashers of istra bacon
8 freerange eggs
Two beautifully ripened Point Lonsdale tomatoes, halved
Lashings of 360Q’s Nanna Bev’s Kick Arse Chutney
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix together the cream, eggs, cheese and chives until well combined. Dip in the slices of bread until they are very well coated and have absorbed the mixture.
Cook the slices on a flat grill or hot electric frypan until browned.
Grill the bacon in a frypan or a grill until crispy. Add the Point Lonsdale tomato halves (some of the best-tasting tomatoes on the Bellarine) and grill or fry on each side for a few minutes until soft and browned.
Poach the eggs to your liking (we prefer slightly runny). Place the slices of toast on a plate, then pile on the bacon, eggs and add the tomatoes on the side and dress with 360Q’s Nanna Bev’s Kick Arse Chutney and garnish with parsley. Add salt and pepper as desired.
This recipe serves 4 people.

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